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—Make money from your phone,
anywhere in the world.



 Mastery By Mal is now offering motivated women the opportunity to live a life they’ve always wanted: being free to travel the world and make as much money from their phone as they like. Mastery By Mal helps women in all industries build premium brands that showcase their true worth and acquire their digital needs. We help our students grow their audiences, we teach them all the techniques and strategies they need to successfully grow their online presence. Gaining roughly 1,000-3,000 new followers each month in their industry. Our team of talented influencers, creatives & marketers work non-stop to make sure that we give our students a very useful resources and tremendously exceed their expectations. Currently we are looking to push out our flagship program, Instagram Growth Techniques, so that we can have a bigger impact in the world. That is where you come in! As we grow, we will be introducing new courses for all different types of women!



  • Receive an incredible commission rate on all sales that you bring in

  • Suggested sales funnels & resources shared with you

  • Promotional resources (portfolio, banners, testimonials, demographic insights)

  • 1-on-1 support from our affiliate management team

  • Free social media consulting from us to help you skyrocket your personal brand (which will help you make more money)

  • Special opportunities within our company

  • A fantastic resume builder for any future opportunities you may have

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 Live the lifestyle of a digital entrepreneur.



  • We will provide to you some of the sale processes and resources that we have used so that your methods can be as successful as possible. But again, you are your own boss and can use whichever methods that work best for you!


  • Our team is here to support you when you have questions that you need answered. From making sales on Instagram to pitching to business owners in person, we make sure that you come prepared so that you can accept payment and continue going about getting more sales.


  • Individuals in all industries and places are seriously struggling when it comes to growing their audience successfully. Instead of buying fake followers, or taking the time to learn ridiculous and useless methods, they have us (the professionals) to use as resources to reach their goals. Our courses are made to get them to their next goal, and we deliver! You don't cut your own hair when it gets too long, you go to the barber / hair salon to make sure that it gets done correctly, giving you the absolute best results that you can get. That is exactly why bloggers, models, coaches, business owners & photographers need what we have to offer: we bring them tremendous amounts of value and help them grow their audience.


  • Not only will you be setting yourself up for success right now by generating income through working with our company, you will also be setting yourself up for success for the future. All of your newfound knowledge that you learn from our techniques and strategies can be applied to start and scale any business that you want in the future! Online marketing is an amazing industry, but it isn't the only place where you will need this valuable information. Everything that you learn will give you a competitive advantage in any industry you go into for the rest of your lifetime. Also, who doesn't want to wake up to $400 while overlooking the beach in Barbados?




Our Affiliate Program Allows You to be Your Own CEO

Living "the laptop lifestyle" or "digital entrepreneur lifestyle" is something that many people dream about, but most believe that it isn't actually realistic. We are here to tell you that it is. Our affiliate program allows you to be your own CEO, working from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. Work on your own schedule, make as much money as you like, and be free to travel the world. Forget the traditional 9-to-5, it's just not the way to live anymore. Entrepreneurship and being your own boss has become more and more possible in today's societal changes and with this amazing opportunity you can finally make it your reality. Whether you take this on as a full time opportunity, or just enough to get your rent paid while sitting on your couch... This opportunity is for you. 



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*DISCLAIMER: Success with our program is not guaranteed. If you are looking to make a few extra thousand dollars a month without having to do any work at all then this isn't for you. Even though this program allows you to bring in sales from your digital devices from any location in the world that has an internet connection, it will require dedication and hard work. We are only looking for individuals that like to grind and want to live an awesome lifestyle. If you would rather have a low-paying job that takes away your opportunity to be creative, limits you to a set amount of money each day, gives you brainless work, and has a boss that yells at you all day then you should not continue with this amazing opportunity.