"If You Can Do It, Why Can't I?"

Well, let me think about this one. I can cut and color my own hair when I want something new, but how do you think that would turn out?

 I would much rather leave the job to someone who has studied and worked with hair for years, as they have mastered what they do and know exactly what to do for me to get the best results.  The same goes for my service, as this has been something that I have been studying and mastering for awhile now. This is my profession, and where my skill sets are. I have worked with many different types of accounts and clients, and with that I have found the keys to maintain the best results for any type of client I come into contact with.

When I go to the salon, I am trusting my stylist to get me the best results because that is what she is the best at.  For me, I am the best at getting real and organic followers for accounts, not to say that you can't use my same techniques and styles yourself because trust me, YOU CAN!  That is why I created a video course that discusses alllll of the tips and tricks of Instagram that I learned over the years, and explains step by step of what I do for my page, and for all of my clients' pages.  If interested, check out masterybymal.com. :)