Organic vs Fake


Spam vs real.. Engagement vs non engagement.  

These are all the things that come to mind when thinking about the benefits of organic growth vs fake growth.  Have you ever went to someone’s page and they have 30k+ followers, but get ~500 likes a picture? Hmm.. That doesn't add up.  With over 30k followers seeing every picture that is posted, it’s easy to assume fake followers would have been used due to the low engagement interaction.

Follower quality or follower quantity? Organic growth gets you BOTH.  Growing your account organically attracts real followers, more attention, and more engagement with content that is posted.  Organic growth creates real human interaction, real likes, and real comments. With organic growth campaigns, there is no spam, inactive, fake followers, or “bots” used to get these results.  My service is more effective than using fake followers or likes because of the real interaction that you get with your pictures.  You will not get 20 followers with empty profile pictures and names you can't pronounce.  Fake likes and followers are easy to spot, and what is the point of having thousands and thousands of followers if they aren't interacting and engaging with your content?!