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It only takes one month, 5-7 minutes each day, to be one step closer to the influencer you have always dreamed of becoming. This course is the only guide you need to kickstart your career on Instagram.


 Mastery By Mal is….

your guide to learning how to effectively grow your Instagram account with real, organic followers, and is recorded and produced with the help of my partner Logan. I decided to bring Logan in to reach a broader audience, because he specializes working with businesses growth and development. I have been fortunate enough to be able to partner up with someone who compliments my expertise so well. I go into detail on all the important fundamentals of growing with precise quality, while Logan covers the business aspects to it to ensure you get the BEST of both worlds. This series is great for anyone who may not have the skill for growing their brand themselves. I recommend this to those of you who have enough free time to focus both on your passion & your marketing. The “wave campaign” technique that I teach takes about 5-7 minutes per day, so I typically do it as soon as I wake up in the morning and drink my coffee, or right before I go to bed and am watching Netflix at night.

In this course, Instagram Growth Techniques, I dive into the basics & fundamentals of effectively growing your Instagram account. Think of this as the engine to the car. Without it,  it's quite useless and not all that efficient. Logan and I cover topics like - Organic Growth, Wave Campaigns, in depth targeting for your specific niche and audience, engagement, business skills & more! In total it's roughly 2 hours long with short video segments (Netflix style) to get you to your next goal. You'll be gaining followers immediately. (real, quality, organic followers like you and I).  Lastly, you're going to get support from our whole team to support to get you to your next goal.



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