Let's Cover the Simple Questions

What? How? Why?

The What?

Instagram is a platform home to hundreds of millions of active users. Many small businesses aren't utilizing it the way they could or should be using it. I've learned how to successfully grow any page on Instagram. So now, I help others get through the struggle of not growing, or slowly gaining real followers on their account. I know how difficult social media can be, I've seen my Grandma try to post on Instagram before (haha). I can show you the basics, and teach you how to get the most out of this wonderful platform we call Instagram.

I pride in ORGANIC growth, yep, that means it's all real people just like you and I. Also, I'm able to target any demographic, or location. Small business in Seattle Washington looking to gain social media exposure? I'll target Seattle area. Model looking to meet other models/photographers in Miami/NYC/LA? I've got you covered. Just a small town girl looking to gain some followers from, well, anywhere but your town? Yeah, I've got you covered too :). 

The How?

So, you wanna know the secret, huh? The truth is that I run a series of very powerful "wave" campaigns. Very Similar to an old-fashioned follow/unfollow technique, except waay less spammy, and waay more powerful. I've perfected the niches and pockets to hit to get you the best growth in your industry. 


Do you still wanna know the secret sauce?...If you want to learn the exact methods on how to grow your page whether it's for you or your business check out Mastery By Mal. It's a video course that teaches you the exact methods & routines for growth. I understand not everyone has the time, or patience to learn. I also understand that if you're a business owner, maybe you wanna spend time on what you do best- running your business. Let me take care of what I do best, growing your Instagram. 


The Why?

Instagram is sooo massive. I've posted some analytic facts just so you can see some actual data I collected. Basically, Instagram has a lot of people who use it everyday. These people might be of value to you. If you run a coffee shop, somebody on Instagram in your city might really like your coffee shop. But, they don't know what they don't know. So, it's important to get their attention so they get to know your shop. Just like anything else, these followers are people who are potential customers, clients, friends or fans. You don't want to miss out. There's a lot of people out there to reach. 

It's always important to grow your audience. Attention is money. Gaining the attention of someone means the difference of them getting to know who you are and what you have to offer. However, some people just wanna grow their audience because it can lead to new friends and exciting spontaneous memories. I understand that too. Which is why I've got a package for Personal, Business, and Creative.


I've put together a few articles on different topics you might be interested in.

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I was a previous client of Malories and now I’m a student. I was really busy with growing my business & I needed help with social media. Malorie did an excellent job. When time free’d up I took Mastery By Mal & I feel like I am a professional now. She teaches everything so clear & well, I would recommend her to anyone.
— Katie - local business owner

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